Who is raising your child?

Tonight I am thinking out loud.  I promise to clean all this up tomorrow.  But i’ve been thinking today after hearing about the massive success of the “clunker program” which has ground to a halt after one day, how much time does the government have your kids versus how much time you really have your kids.   Now this is going to be a mess.  Get ready…

Potential hours to see your child between K and 12

24 hours – 8 = 16 – hours in school – 8 = potential availability of your biological child in hours – 2 hours homework = 6 (4 hours homework would equal)    = 4 free hours to see your child. 


Over 12 years those 4 hours becomes 8640.  The school has your child if extracurricular activities are not figured in and 8 hour day plus the ideal 4 hours of homework to equal 12 hours a day compared to your 4 to be with your genetic heritage. 


Total hours the school has your child over 12 years figuring a 12 hour day x 180 days x 12 years


The stunning total is   25,920


% of time you have your child 8640/25,920 = 33%

% of time the government has your child is = 66% 

Both numbers are rounded off for simplicity. 


Figure in extracurricular along with school punishment of extra time… isn’t that cute punishing a child with having to be where he should want to be? 

 Then the amount of time you are with your child is even lower.  Then figure the time that the child spends with his peers.     Believe it or not you are getting down to about 1 hour a day.

Your actual time quality or not with your child could be as low as 1 hour per day with the government school system we have today.  Why would anyone want to give your child to the government so much of the day that you might have only 1 hour. 

I lost my wife and child when Joel, my little boy, were in infancy.  Today, I can tell you for sure that if I had to greatly lower what I think of as a luxurious standard of living to see my child grow up I would do it in a heart beat.  And just to have Joel when he was growing up I would never have allowed the government to put their clutches on him for any reason. 

And we wonder why we are having trouble with our kids…..?   It would take a very defective mind not to realize why we are having trouble with them. 

I’ll put this in a better order tomorrow I promise.


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