Home school and independent learning resources

Today I want to provide you with several resource sites that are just superb for home schools and independent learners.   First I want to draw your attention to Homeschool world.  Since I am from Texas I want to point out the resource section specific to Texas.  As you will see as you look through this excellent resource there are literally thousands of resources available to home schoolers. 

Another superb resource is the Home School Mom.  This wonderful web page includes literally thousands of resources from worksheets to just plain old good advice.  Check it out.

Home School Central prides itself on providing all the resources you will ever need.  I believe them.

Another wonderful resource provided by a homeschool dad is Jons Home School Resources.  This is another omnibus site with so much to offer.

Let’s Home School offers everything from home school laws to Co-ops to free resources.

Then there is About.com Homeschooling is an encyclopedic site with tons of information.  As a general resource, I love About.com.  About.com provides really good information about, well, almost everything.  It is also authored by experts in each field.

For new home schoolers About.com had grade to grade goals that will provide information for parents who may wonder what should be accomplished in any single year. 

Donna Young.org  offers printables and resources.  This is another excellent site with wonderful resources.

Crosswalk.comis a Christian site offering resource to the Christian home schooling family.

Home Sweet Home School  does a couple of things very well.  This site provides philosophical information for home schoolers as well as a wealth of resources. 

These ten sites taken together provide so much information to the homeschooler.  They are useful both to new and experienced home school families.  Please take advantage of what they have to offer.


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