Why I love independent learning




The only way I could learn to conduct was on my own with my brilliant tutor and mentor Robert Linder.

I can read the bible when I want to read the bible.

I can worship when I want, pray when I want, and sing praises when I want.

I only way I could wander the woods learning the trees and plants was with my grandfather and by myself.

I learned kindness from my mother and grandmother and my Aunt Isabel at home.

I learned to make tomato gravy from my Aunt Isabel who loved me and who I loved.

I love to read what I want to read.



I can be creative.

I can finally design my own learning projects.

I can study what the bible says about being a better man.

I love to follow my heart. 

I am stubborn. 

I remember what I choose to learn.

Everything important I learned happened after I left school.

I like being able to mess around with materials like paint, paper, leaves, stems, shells, on and on.



I love math when I can follow my desires to learn it.

I love science when I have time to connect it to what it means.

I am one who values independence.

I never liked being told to stand in line.

I could be as intellectually weird as I wanted to be at home.

I could learn as fast as I could.

I didn’t have to wait.

I hated leaving something I loved to go to something I really disliked after 40 minutes.

I knew everything I took at school wasn’t the most important thing I would learn.

I love arguing.

I love libraries.

I love listening to Mozart while I study.

I love surfing the web for knowledge as I loved surfing the library for knowledge.

I can go to the bathroom anytime I need to go.

I can practice trumpet for hours.

I can lay on my back in the sun and think

I can think.

I can use internet sites to discuss things with real people in other countries.

I can find where things are happening on Google Earth.

I can read as many newspapers and sites as I want. 

I can prepare real lessons for kids who want to learn as their tutor.

I can write what I want to write.

work by John McGeough

work by John McGeough

I can research anything.

I can learn anything.

I can blog.

I can go to MIT on a website.

I can learn from brilliant minds on TEDtalks.

I can pursue a line of thought as far as I want.

I can write sermons.

I can try to see the universe in a grain of sand.

destroying angels

destroying angels

I can continue to learn to cook.

I can be inspired by beautiful and brilliant blogs.

I can compare totally different views on political issues.

I can fulfil my talents.

I can value my talents.

I can learn Gaelic.

I can be me.

I can call a congressional office.

I can try to find out why….anything.

I can go visit someone who is sick.

I can find out what that mushroom is that is growing in my yard.

I can watch snow peas grow.

I can examine an insect under my microscope.

I can study photography.

I can learn micro photography.

I can go to Sheldon Reservoir to get algae samples.

I can woodwork.

I can design my next wooden toy.

I was never hesitant to be intelligent at home.

I never felt different at home, or in a library, or at a university.

I could stop and watch the world go by.

 I can follow my muse.

I can let my mind wander.

I can walk along the seashore analyzing wave patterns.

I can do stock photography to improve my eye.

There is no end to why I love independent learning…or why I preach it to others…God gave us gifts and we can be free to use them….



 All photographs by John McGeough









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2 responses to “Why I love independent learning

  1. ghettoblackify

    interesting post

  2. Scotty

    My uncle Frank left school after just under two years of college and never went back. He retired as vice president of GM with an honorary Phd in engineering from Purdue. Everything important he learned happened after he left school.
    This is a very good site.

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