Socialization, lost kids…independent learning and home school

“I just wonder if the kids are being socialized properly”… often the first comment you will hear from someone who criticizes those who choose the independent route to education….But they don’t know…they can’t.  They can’t be there everyday…with kids looking for their way….trying to find a direction to go…. a leader to follow….and without a leader often they follow……..

the gang….

north, south, east, west…..

calling out to the darkness in their lives….

but there is no answer….so they find themselves….others like them….looking….lost….

socialization….what would happen if their environment were different….without the violence, the tidal power of peer influence with the pull of a black hole….unseen….dark power…..pulling them relentlessly in….relentlessly….

so is the socialization…..the lack of love….the lack of leadership….the lack of fathers…. the desperation of single mothers…..working…..ends don’t meet…..babies hungry….crying….who can look after the older ones….

too often the gangs….

so here is art….. obvious talent…..



















 graphic awareness….

where will it go….

who will nurture the talent, the eye, the hand…..

the gang…..influence4






sense of design….











lost kids look for those adults who are not lost…. able to lead them away…. but they are not there….

Socialization….who do they then look to….themselves….the gang….the group….the peers

who accept them….who provide something that looks like love….

love unsupplied…. lives lost….. blood in the streets….. in the gutter…. running into the waste water…..

socialization… who in the end do we want kids to look up to…..God….their parents……

their parents……. that is why we…..

Socialize to the family…..

to the parents…..

to love….

that they all need.



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2 responses to “Socialization, lost kids…independent learning and home school

  1. Amy

    I agree–these kids are socializing with the wrong group of learners.
    If they are from a single parent family, a mom (or less common, a dad) who is working their tail-end off just to feed them, much less clothe and accessorize them (and tell me a teenager you’ve seen lately–rich OR poor–who didn’t have a cell phone), who, then, is going to homeschool them? Who CAN homeschool them? Often, the parents can’t spell, much less teach upper level mathematics and science. They wouldn’t even begin to know where to send the kid to learn about these things. Often, especially in cases like your friend above, these behaviors are taught at home and they would never have had the opportunity to learn any better with mom and/or dad, anyway.
    I don’t know what the solution is here. But I do know that sometimes the only positive adult role models some kids get are at schools, besotted by state-mandated tests, though we may be.
    I know the whole situation depresses me sometimes. In those moments, I try to help those I can and hope that someone else will [can?] pick up the slack down the line.

    • johnmcgeough

      Hi Amy,

      I completely understand your concerns. I have a foot in both worlds. First, I am a career teacher. Second, I am a stong advocate of home schooling and independent learning. I share your concerns. Home schooling isn’t going to be possible for everyone. There will always be a valuable place for public, private and other kinds of educational venues. Your concerns are completely valid. I have seen several creative single parents make it work while working full time jobs. First, there are so many resources out there now that did not exist years ago. I serve some families as a consultant supervisor to their kids by being in constant electronic contact with the kids and the parents. As I develop the blog, I will outline some of the ways that single parents are making it work. Tragically, about 50% of all parents are now single. Flexible day care situations help. So do family resources. Regarding the more advanced subjects the resources available to kids now are immense. I have not seen a family who wants to make advanced study work have a failure. But, there are others who can’t. In that case there are co-ops and tutorial services available. Please understand, I am not at all opposed to public/private schools in the traditional mode. Rather I am about solutions to improve the traditional school but also to develop solutions for the parent who choses to home school whether single or not. Remember that schools are a recent invention in the history of mankind. Personally I remember almost nothing I learned in school other than things I was really motivated to learn. I learned all the math I know including calculus myself. I also take it that you are a working teacher. As you know so much of the time in schools now is wasted taking care of disciplinary/social issues. Most of what is taught in twelve years can be taught in 5 to 7. I do share your concerns. Please stay with me as we work through these things together. I sense a true concern for kids in your writing. You are the kind of person who needs to be in teaching even though I sense your frustration with several things. Remember I taught for over 30 years. The last 15 I have also been involved with home schooling and independent learning. I invite you to stay with me on this journey. I also invite your comments which are excellent and perceptive. Thanks so much, John

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