What about this independent stuff….Independent learning and Home schoolng

One of my youth ministry kids has this quote on his MySpace… “To live is the rarest gift in the world,  most people exist and that is all”….16 years old already possessing wisdom it takes others years to obtain….he was a home schooled kid for about 2 years.  I home schooled him during a time when his mother was extremely ill.  He is right to live is most certainly the rarest gift in the world….so many just exist….walking through time as if there will come no end….accomplishing what?  

Guitarist in development

Guitarist in development

During that time he mastered Algebra, geography, history, wrote a books worth of journals, wrote several autobiographical stories, as well as becoming a very proficient guitarist. 
Time….was something I was able to give him while he schooled at home.  As he wondered if he would lose his mother, he had time without pressure, time without bells, time without square cubicles governed by some who would understand and some who wouldn’t understand, time to work on algebra a lot, time to take field trips to parks and historical sites.
But, he is a musician first, just as I was.  Musicians need time. 
Every day after his other work he spent hours on the guitar…fingers flying….frustration then triumph, new plateau the more frustration, then more triumph….his self-esteem soared…. tastes expanding everyday from rock to the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet….so much music to absorb.
But he found he had time…..
That’s independent learning…. time….no pressure….mastery.   Every great musician, painter, sculpture, wood worker and artist was an independent learner… often very, very different….so different they didn’t fit in school….so different many were kicked out of school, labeled stupid, or disciplinary problems…yes
Yes art takes time….creativity grows without pressure, training your hands, your eyes, nothing will happen with pressure, just intensity….which the right place help you to develop.
Creative woodworking ideas don’t just happen, there must be time…
work of John McGeough

work of John McGeough

work of John McGeough

work of John McGeough

Time lets you work until it is right….just as practicing the guitar can only make you great with time…..long blocks of time….
Independent learnng….time to pursue excellence,  time to pursue love, time to fulfil talent.

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