Independent learning video series….

Please take time to watch this series of videos in order to understand what it is you are trying to do as an independent learner. Even though these videos are aimed at the school maket but they apply to indendent learners as well. 




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2 responses to “Independent learning video series….

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad you found me! Your blog will be a great resource for me as our son will be beginning high school in fall of 2010. We’re leaning towards homeschooling, but we’re getting a lot of pressure from those who have never home schooled to send him to high school. It will be a decision made through lots of prayer and lots of gleaning of information — not peer pressure from well meaning friends.


  2. johnmcgeough

    Thanks so much for your kind comments Deborah, I love your blog. Don’t give any thought to the opinion of others. Remember that God gave you your son to raise in His way. If the answer to prayer says home school, do it. While our friends and relatives mean well, often they are dead wrong about what is good for us. I can tell you many, many stories. I have taken three guns of kids in my career. There are police officers who cant’ say that. God Bless.

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