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Today I bring you some resources on informal learning.  This is rapidly becoming the new paradigm in corporate training and in some areas of formal education.  We independent scholars and homeschoolers have known about this concept all the time.  But it has been well hidden.  Lets see what some other people have to say about it.  Check out what Maria has to say.  She tells us it accounts for about 75% of corporate learning today.

Informal Learning  is a new book by Jay Cross.  Disclaimer… I have no connection to Amazon, Jay Cross or any publisher.  I just like the book.

Informal learning in 10 minutes  YouTube video series of 3 by Jay Cross.

Self-Directed Learning

Informal Learning  Informal learning should no longer be regarded as an inferior form of learning whose main purpose is to act as the precursor of formal learning; it needs to be seen as fundamental, necessary and valuable in its own right, at times directly relevant to employment and at other times not relevant at all. (Coffield 2000: 8)

Formal and Informal Learning According to a three-year study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and performed by ASTD (Carnevale, Gainer, & Villet (1990), two out of three workers say that everything they need to know was learned on the job, rather than in the classrooms.


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